Latest News

Latest News

Jun 17, 2022
Submission of INDI 4.0 Certificate.

PT Surveyor Indonesia handed over the certification of the results of the Indonesia Industry 4.0 Readiness Index (INDI 4.0) assessment to PT Nindya Ka

Jun 16, 2022
Implementation of Motor Vehicle Emission Test

PT Surveyor Indonesia Medan Branch conducted testing in the implementation of the Urban Air Quality Evaluation (EKUP) activity to test motor vehicle e

Jun 15, 2022
Farewell to the General Manager of the Jakarta Branch

PT Surveyor Indonesia held a farewell event for the General Manager (GM) Jakarta Branch which was attended by the Board of Directors of PT Surveyor In

Jun 14, 2022
Farewell to the General Manager of the Balikpapan Branch

PT Surveyor Indonesia held a farewell event for General Manager Balikpapan Branch which was attended by Commercial Director Saifuddin Wijaya.

Jun 08, 2022
KPI Cascading Workshop, Transformation Session II: Performance Development System.

To realize the Organizational Transformation Agenda, especially the Organizational & Process Business Agenda related to the Management and Alignment o

Jun 07, 2022
Handover of Position of Duties and Responsibilities of PT Surveyor Indonesia

PT Surveyor Indonesia carries out the Handover of Jobs, Duties and Responsibilities to the Vice President and General Manager, Tuesday 7 June 2022 at

Jun 03, 2022
Transformation Talk Series (TTS) & Culture Ranger Activation

The Transformation Talk Series (TTS) was held again and this time a special edition titled "Accelerating Transformation in Surveyor Indonesia" which p

Jun 03, 2022
The Signing of MoU Surveyor Indonesia and Ar-Raniry Aceh State Islamic University

PT Surveyor Indonesia and State Islamic University (UIN) Ar - Raniry Aceh signed a Memorandum of Understanding related to Education, Education, Resear

May 19, 2022
PT Surveyor Indonesia Holds Halal Bihalal with BPJPH, and MUI

To establish a gathering, PT Surveyor Indonesia carried out Halal Bihalal with the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) and the Indonesia