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Latest News

Jul 06, 2023
Surveyor Indonesia succeeded in winning the National CSR SDGs award at the 2023 Nusantara CSR Awards

Surveyor Indonesia succeeded in winning the National CSR SDGs award at the 2023 Nusantara CSR Awards at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta on Wednesda

Jul 05, 2023
The Ministry of BUMN has officially reappointed Rosmanidar Zulkifli as Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

Based on the results of the EGMS (Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders) which was held on Tuesday 4 July 2023, the Ministry of BUMN officiall

Jul 04, 2023
Surveyor Indonesia held a Launching and Workshop on Planning and Performance Information System Applications (SIREKIN)

SIREKIN as a digital-based management tool aims to assist the Company in managing the Company's planning and performance by providing a platform for c

Jul 01, 2023
Surveyor Indonesia celebrating Eid al-Adha to Various Regions in Indonesia

The following are some excerpts from PT Surveyor Indonesia's activities in celebrating Eid al-Adha by providing assistance for sacrificial animals whi

Jun 22, 2023
General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), Surveyor Indonesia for 2022 Fiscal Year

Surveyor Indonesia's financial performance was recorded as growing positively throughout 2022. Based on the 2022 Financial Report which was ratified a

Jun 16, 2023
Surveyor Indonesia succeeded in winning the award "The Most Promising Company In Tactical Marketing" in the 2023 BUMN Entrepreneurial Marketing Award

The award was given by the Founder and Chairman of MarkPlus. Inc, Hermawan and received directly by the Commercial Director of Surveyor Indonesia, Sai

Jun 15, 2023
PT Surveyor Indonesia together with Bappenas held a workshop introducing the Sustainable Jurisdiction Indicator. Sustainable Jurisdictions Indicators (SJI)

Is an approach to measuring the improvement of the sustainability and inclusiveness of commodity production at the regional level in Indonesia.

Jun 05, 2023
Surveyor Indonesia is overseeing the digital transformation of Indonesian Trading Company through the INDI 4.0

This activity began with a Kick Off Meeting which was held on June 5 2023. Also present at this activity were the Commercial Director of PT Surveyor I

Jun 01, 2023
PT Surveyor Indonesia held a hybrid Pancasila Birthday Ceremony at Graha Surveyor Indonesia.

The Ceremony was led directly by the President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono who acted as Ceremony Inspector, attended by the