Latest News

Latest News

Aug 15, 2022
PT Surveyor Indonesia and PT Pelindo Multi Terminal Sign Memorandum of Understanding

PT Surveyor Indonesia and PT Pelindo Multi Terminal signed a memorandum of understanding on the Preparation of a Cooperation Plan for Survey Activitie

Aug 06, 2022
The Movement to Plant 1 Million Trees

PT Surveyor Indonesia together with 20 other SOEs collaborated to organize the SOE BAKTI event-The 1 Million Tree Planting Movement in Cipelah Village

Aug 04, 2022
First Semester Performance Coordination Meeting and 2022 Prognosis

PT Surveyor Indonesia held a Coordination Meeting for Semester I Performance and 2022 Prognosis in an effort to strengthen the regional-based product

Aug 02, 2022
Launching SURE Services and I-SIM Program

PT Surveyor Indonesia as an agent of development The Government inaugurated the Launching of SURE Services and the I-SIM Program in providing answers

Aug 01, 2022
31st Anniversary of Indonesian Surveyor!

The 31st anniversary of Surveyor Indonesia will never be forgotten! The anniversary celebration with the theme of Transformation was held lively at Ba

Jul 25, 2022
Periska Shares and Cares for Education

As part of the series of Surveyors Indonesia's 31st Anniversary, Periska-SI (Indonesian Surveyor Employee Wives Association) held an education sharing

Jul 20, 2022
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between PT Surveyor Indonesia and PT Inhutani IV

PT Surveyor Indonesia and PT Inhutani V signed a memorandum of understanding on Cooperation in Survey Services in the Environmental and Business Secto

Jul 14, 2022
Circumcision Event for Children of Employees, KNU, Tenant Graha Surveyor Indonesia

To celebrate the 31st Anniversary of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) held a circumcision party for the children

Jul 09, 2022
Celebrate Eid al-Adha, Surveyor Indonesia Donates Qurban

Qurban is one of the worships that is carried out every year by Muslims during the Eid al-Adha celebration.