Sep 23, 2023

Surveyor Indonesia attended the 2023 TJSL Fair

Surveyor Indonesia attended the 2023 TJSL Fair with the theme "Collaboration for Sustainable Development" which was organized by the BUMN Social and Environmental Responsibility Forum (TJSL).

Rosmanidar Zulkifli as Director of Finance and Risk Management at PT Surveyor Indonesia explained that the I-SIM Program is an integration program in managing aspects of sustainable development, environment, social & governance, including accelerating the maximum achievement of SDGs for agencies and the government.

Muhrina Hasibuan as Sustainability Expert Surveyor Indonesia explained the I-Sim for Regencies material which is a program to accelerate the achievement of SDGs for City Governments through Rating, Awarding and assistance schemes for City Governments in achieving sustainable development at the 2023 TJSL Fair.

To find out more information about I-SIM, you can access the page