Nov 23, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Director of Human Resources Lussy Ariani Seba Wins "The Next Leaders Infobank 2022" Award in the Infobank TOP 100 CEO & The Next Leaders Forum 2022 Event

Hi #Sitizen

PT Surveyor Indonesia's Director of Human Resources, Lussy Ariani Seba won the "The Next Leaders Infobank 2022" award at the Infobank TOP 100 CEO & The Next Leader Forum 2022 event with the theme The Secrets of Effective Leadership in a Crisis at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta (23/ 11).

This award is a form of appreciation to company leaders under 50 years of age for their contribution to the company in performing well, with experience, achievement, and for the performance of the company they lead based on the results of the sectoral rating and the "very good" performance predicate for the 2022 version of Infobank.