Oct 22, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Cooperates with the East Manggarai Regency Government

Hi #Sitizen

PT Surveyor Indonesia received a visit from the Regent of East Manggarai, Agas Andreas, Thursday (20/10/2022) at the BUMN Surveyor Indonesia-Akhlak Lounge.

This activity aims to establish good relations between Surveyors Indonesia and one of the districts in East Nusa Tenggara. The President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono introduced the products of PT Surveyor Indonesia's superior fostered partners as well as explained the digital marketing that has been developed.

In addition, the Indonesian Surveyor also submitted a plan to develop a coffee traceability platform with initial data on Flores Manggarai Arabica and Robusta coffee farmers who have received Geographical Indications Certificates.

Agas welcomes the plan of the Indonesian Surveyor, which can help business actors, especially Arabica and Robusta coffee farmers in Manggarai Flores in East Manggarai Regency to work and develop in business.

It is hope that the welfare of farmers can increase and market access for Manggarai coffee can be open at the local and international levels.