Dec 12, 2022

Coral Reef Transplant Program at Ketapang Carita Beach

Hi #SItizen,

Surveyor Indonesia and ID Survey once again carried out the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program Collaboration (TJSL) in the ID Survey's 1st anniversary event series. After free electricity assistance for the community in Banyumas, this time a Coral Reef Transplantation program was implemented at Ketapang Beach, Carita District, Pandeglang Regency.

Coral Reef Transplantation is one way to maintain marine ecosystems so that they remain sustainable in accordance with sustainable development goals. Apart from that, this activity also provided basic food assistance to orphans and scholarships to children with disabilities in Carita District.

The Director of Human Capital Surveyor Indonesia, Lussy Ariani Seba stated that this activity demonstrated IDSurvey's commitment to continue to grow and develop with the surrounding community, build harmonious relationships in the midst of a sustainable environment, and provide the widest possible benefits to society and the environment.