Jan 28, 2023

Sharing Session Business Model for Sustainable Future

PT Surveyor Indonesia held a Sharing Session Business Model for Sustainable Future which was attended by all SOE TJSL Friends. The event was opened by the Assistant Deputy for TJSL for the Ministry of BUMN, Edi Eko Cahyono, and the Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Ms. Rosmanidar Zulkifli.

On this occasion, Coordinator of TJSL Madya Ministry of BUMN, Teddy Poernama conveyed the Sustainable Business Model Canvas (SBMC) which consists of 11 aspects, including: sustainable in value proposition, value creation, customers, partners, tech & resources, customer relations, and channels which is used as a transformation of business and society.

Furthermore, Management System Specialist, Elisabeth Pardede conveyed an understanding of ISO 26000, the integration of the TJSL program in organizations based on 7 core subjects and 16 sustainable development goals.

Meanwhile, the third speaker, Blue Lens Initiative Founder, Karina Utari conveyed the importance of building an Industrial Symbiosis Network (ISN) through material flow analysis, life cycle assessment, and input-output analysis.

The event closed with a workshop to explore various business models that can contribute more to a sustainable future.

It is hoped that this activity will increase participants' understanding of Sustainability or TJSL within the scope of the company and provide an overview of ISO 26000 as a guide in planning and building BUMN CSR programs.