Apr 05, 2024

Surveyor Indonesia Again Hold Free Homecoming for the Community

Hi SItizen, Surveyor Indonesia is again holding a Homecoming with BUMN program with the theme Fun Homecoming with BUMN 2024 to help people who want to go home to their hometowns.

This time the Indonesian Surveyor dispatched 284 homecoming travelers using bus transportation to Yogyakarta via Bumiayu, Yogyakarta via Pantura, Semarang, Malang and Padang.

The release was delivered and opened directly by the President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Sandry Pasambuna, Director of Finance & Risk Management, Wahyu Witjaksono, Director of Commercial, Saifuddin Wijaya, and Director of HR, Lussy Ariani Seba.

Enjoy your return trip to your hometown. Hopefully you reach your destination safely and can celebrate Eid with your beloved family and relatives.