Apr 28, 2022

IDSurvey Ramadan Coordination and Gathering

The event was attended by the President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono, Commercial Director of PT BKI (Persero), Mohamad Cholil, Commercial Director of PT SUCOFINDO, Darwin Abbas, Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Saifuddin Wijaya and Director of Resources Development of PT BKI, Rozainbahri Noor.

This Ramadan Gathering activity was also filled with the provision of a TKDN certificate by PT Surveyor Indonesia to UD. Steven Foundry was given directly by the Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

It is hoped that through this activity, IDSurvey can strengthen consolidation in all IDSurvey work areas throughout Indonesia, can coordinate services and services as a national leader in the Testing, Inspection, Certification, Classification, and Statutory industry, and be able become a momentum for joint efforts in developing Indonesia's strengths. in the global market.