Dec 21, 2022

Verification or Technical Investigation of Non-New Capital Goods

Hi #SItizen,

Verification or Technical Tracing of Imports of Non-New Capital Goods (VPTI BMTB) is the verification of conformity between import permit documents and supporting documents and the physical condition of certain imported goods carried out by a surveyor appointed by the Minister of Trade. The results of the VPTI are outlined in the Surveyor's Report (LS) as one of the import requirements documents.

PT Surveyor Indonesia is an implementing surveyor that has been officially appointed by the Ministry of Trade by following the Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number 53 concerning the Designation of a Surveyor as a Verification Executor.

Inspection procedures include : administrative verification of required documents, physical verification of goods, technical analysis, identification of goods and technical specifications, and issuance of LS.