Feb 04, 2022

Launching & Talkshow

PT Surveyor Indonesia was also present as a trusted Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) in the launch program for the Development of MSMEs in the Culinary Sector Based on Ecosystems and Local Wisdom in Kauman Village, Solo.

The launching and talk show organized by the Islamic Economic Community (MES) raised the theme "Building a Sharia Economy in the Real Sector Based on Local Wisdom". The event was also attended by Deputy Minister of BUMN I, Pahala Nugraha Mansury as Chair of 6 PP MES, Mayor of Surakarta, Gibran Rakabuming Raka and also President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono.

It is hoped that the Kick-Off of the MSME Development Program for the Ecosystem and Wisdom-Based Culinary Sector in Kampung Batik Kauman Solo can encourage the development of the halal industry in maximizing the country's economic growth both in the food and tourism sectors in Indonesia by targeting all halal product industries that are traded, distributed and imported has been certified halal.