Mar 08, 2023

Surveyor Indonesia became a speaker on Net Zero Emissions 2060

Surveyor Indonesia acted as a speaker at the Planning Consultation Meeting for the Local Government Work Plan for 2024 of Tebing Tinggi City with the theme "Tebing Tinggi City towards SDGs 2030 and Net Zero Emissions (NZE) 2060".

Mayor of Tebing Tinggi, Muhammad Dimiyathi, appreciated the presence of Surveyor Indonesia as a strategic partner of the Tebing Tinggi government in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets.

Through various programs, such as Domestic Component Level (DCL), Halal Certification, Fit for Operation Certification (SLO), Environmental Quality Testing, and flagship Sustainability Services (Traceability of commodity, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, and Voluntary Local Review services), Surveyor Indonesia is ready to provide comprehensive solutions and become a strategic partner for government, private sector, and company partners.