Nov 09, 2023

Announcement of the 2023 I-SIM for Regencies Winners at the 2023 SDGs annual conference

The Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas is holding the 2023 SDGs Annual Conference (SAC) with the theme "Water, Energy and Agriculture towards Sustainable Food Security" on Monday, November 6 2023 at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta. At this event, the 3 Best Districts who won the District Government category through the I-SIM for Regencies 2023 program were selected.

Congratulations to the 3 best districts who have become winners in this program. The I-SIM Secretariat Team expresses its thanks and high appreciation to all Regency Governments who have participated in every stage of the 2023 I-SIM for Regencies process. We hope that this achievement can become a benchmark for a sustainable future

Together we continue to increase our commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.