Dec 09, 2022

Worship and Christmas Celebration Family of PT Surveyor Indonesia

Hi #SItizen,

Welcoming Christmas, Indonesian Surveyor Christian Christian Families (Binrohkris SI) held a Worship and Christmas Celebration for the Indonesian Christian Surveyor Family with the theme "They Return to Their Country by Another Way. ” taken from the Book of Matthew 2:12. The event was held in a hybrid manner attended by Christian employees of PTSI, SCCI and KSO SCI-SI at the head office and all branches through the Zoom Meeting application.

In his remarks, the Main Director of Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono expressed his hope that all Christian people would align their lives with the changes that are currently taking place by means of transformation. “That is what we are currently doing at PT Surveyor Indonesia. Big agenda of transformation with Decentralization and Centralization. Transformation is an opportunity for us to develop ourselves and contribute actively and optimally to the company's big plans," said Haris.

Also present at this event, Director of Human Resources Lussy Ariani Seba, Independent Commissioner, Paulus Prananto, Binrohkris coach and VP of Human Resources Edwin Pantas Sitompul, and Chair of the Christmas Committee Gatot Stevanus.

The event began with a Christmas service which was filled with singing hymns and reading Christmas reflections. Pastor Hilda Pelawi in her Christmas reflection conveyed the message that Christmas is a momentum for mankind to find new ways to spread His love in a creative way. After the service, the congregation was entertained by the appearance of a guest star, Maria Idol, who sang Christmas carols