Aug 06, 2022

The Movement to Plant 1 Million Trees

PT Surveyor Indonesia together with 20 other SOEs collaborated to organize the SOE BAKTI event-The 1 Million Tree Planting Movement in Cipelah Village, Ciwidey, West Java. PT Surveyor Indonesia together with 20 other SOEs: PLN, Pegadaian, Pelindo, Airnav, Telkom, Pupuk Indonesia, WIKA, Jamkrindo, Jasa Raharja, Perum Bulog, Nindya Karya, Garuda Indonesia, Aksrindo, Perhutani, Kimia Farma, Biofarma, SUCOFINDO, Indonesian Classification Bureau, Perumnas, and Indofarma collaborate held the SOE BAKTI event-Movement for Planting 1 Million Trees in Cipelah Village, Ciwidey, West Java.

BUMN BAKTI Program in the context of Social and Environmental Responsibility Collaboration This BUMN was carried out in the form of providing assistance for coffee seeds totaling 213,756 trees submitted by the Deputy of Human Resources and Information Technology of the Ministry The State-Owned Enterprise (KBUMN) of the Republic of Indonesia, Tedi Bharata, was accompanied by President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, M. Haris Witjaksono, to representatives of farmers from various farmer groups in Bandung Regency.

Tedi Bharata said that the SOE Minister Erick Thohir's direction was that the BUMN BAKTI Program must be implemented in an integrated, directed and accountable manner. “With collaboration between SOEs, it is hoped that the SOE BAKTI Program can reach a wider and integrated reach. The SOE BAKTI program has an impact that must be felt and sustained."

Surveyor Indonesia as the initiator of the collaboration allocated 22,222 seeds which were distributed to six farmer groups. It was further explained that SOEs have a shared commitment to plant 1 million trees as a form of SOE's concern for the environment in line with the Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs.

M. Haris Witjaksono said that the assistance provided in the form of coffee seeds was a BUMN support for the program to plant 1 million trees as well as efforts to maintain the quality and productivity of coffee in Indonesia. “Coffee cultivation is free from deforestation or forest degradation. Coffee cultivation has been carried out in a sustainable manner by taking into account environmental, social and good governance aspects," he said.