Dec 13, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Wins 2 Indonesian Business Awards TOP BUMN Awards 2022

Hi #SItizen,

PT Surveyor Indonesia won two Special Achievement awards - Outstanding Achievement in Liquidity Ratio and Outstanding Achievement in Profitability Ratio Cluster Non Infrastructure in the Top BUMN 2022 event organized by Bisnis Indonesia.

This award is a form of appreciation for the performance growth of SOEs where the performance achievements of 107 SOEs engaged in various business fields can have a positive chain impact on the national economy.

Bisnis Indonesia has appointed figures such as: Ignasius Jonan, Rudiantara, Mardiasmo, Hiramsyah S. Thaib, Aviliani
became a member of the jury accompanied by the Editor in Chief of Bisnis Indonesia Maria Yuliana Benyamin, President Director of Business
Indonesia Lulu Terianto, and Indonesia Business Director Hery Trianto.

The Deputy Minister of BUMN, Pahala Nugraha Mansury, said that BUMN's financial performance continued to improve
in recent years in line with the development of the SOE transformation program with a more focused business focus.

"So the encouragement of the BUMN business which is more focused and directed has a positive impact on the financial performance of BUMN. The consolidated financial statements of BUMN as of the third quarter of this year have managed to achieve a profit of IDR 155 trillion. This is an increase compared to 2021 performance which reached IDR 126 trillion,” said Pahala.

Currently, he continued, there are 6 BUMN homework which consist of building food security, resilience
health, energy security, digital resilience, financial inclusion and infrastructure development.

He hopes that the appreciation of the 2022 TOP BUMN Awards can encourage BUMN to produce stronger performance so that they can make a greater contribution to development and the national economy.