Aug 31, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Welcomes Graduates of the Joint Recruitment Program for SOEs

PT Surveyor Indonesia proudly welcomes 9 (nine) talents who have passed the BUMN Joint Recruitment program which is a collaboration between the Ministry of BUMN and FHCI for sustainability and leadership regeneration in BUMN. After going through a series of selections starting from the administrative selection stage to getting new employee briefing (on boarding). In the meeting, every employee had the opportunity to introduce themselves and get knowledge sharing from the leaders who attended through the Smart Chat program (NGOPI) with BOD, which was attended directly by the President Director, Director of Finance and Risk Management, Director of Human Resources and 5 Vice Presidents of PT. Indonesian Surveyors.

Once again we congratulate you on joining the big family of Surveyors Indonesia. Hopefully it can make a real contribution to the progress of PT Surveyor Indonesia.