Mar 02, 2023

Surveyor Indonesia Holds TKDN Calculation Training for the TNI Angkatan Udara (Disadaau)

Hai #Sitizen, PT Surveyor Indonesia bersama Dinas Pengadaan TNI Angkatan Udara (Disadaau)

collaborating in organizing Domestic Component Level Calculation Training (TKDN).

The training was officially opened by Sesdisadaau Colonel Kal A.R. Alkaf Widija representing the Head of Disadaau Marsma TNI Cahyo Tursiono at the Satrenkonsau Multipurpose Building, Jakarta.

Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Saifuddin Wijaya said that Surveyor Indonesia supports the Indonesian Air Force to optimize the use of domestic products for the procurement of goods or services. "Through this training the Indonesian Surveyors are ready to support the commitment of the Indonesian Air Force to become an institution that is committed to prioritizing TKDN in the procurement of goods and services within its Satker," said Saifuddin.

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