Jan 21, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Held Farewell

PT Surveyor Indonesia Batam Branch held a Farewell event for General Manager Batam Branch which was also attended by President Director of Surveyor Indonesia M. Haris Witjaksono.

This event was held as a farewell to the previous official, Wilson Manurung, and welcomed the replacement official, Ibnu Khaldun, to start serving as GM Batam Branch.

The Big Family of Surveyors Indonesia would like to thank you for the dedication and contribution of Mr. Wilson Manurung to advancing the Batam Branch. As Surveyor Indonesia's excellent talent who has extraordinary experience, Mr. Wilson is extremely helpful for management in developing business in the Batam area.

We also congratulate Mr. Ibnu Khaldun, as the new General Manager of the Batam Branch. Congratulations and success in carrying out new tasks and responsibilities for the progress of our beloved Surveyor Indonesia.