Oct 10, 2022

Surveyor Indonesia Balikpapan Branch Held Foster Partner Bazaar

PT Surveyor Indonesia Balikpapan Branch held a Bazaar for Surveyor Indonesia Assisted Partners with the theme "Less Waste & Sustainable Lifestyle". This activity was held for two days, 7-8 October 2022 and was officially opened by the General Manager of Surveyor Indonesia Balikpapan Branch, Sugeng Suryono.

In this activity, socialization of awareness of living a minimal waste is carried out, making plastic waste shelters that are placed in public areas, and later the plastic waste will be converted into products that have economic value.

This waste management program is in accordance with the 2022 BUMN TJSL Commitment, namely integrated waste management and the direction of the Ministry of SOEs to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / Sustainable Development Goals on Handling Climate Change, Healthy and Prosperous Life, and Decent Work and Economic Growth.