Oct 05, 2023

PT Surveyor Indonesia Jakarta Branch is trusted to conduct Safe Work Permit System (SIKA) Training

PT Surveyor Indonesia Jakarta Branch is trusted to carry out Training on the Safe Work Permit System (SIKA), namely Performing Authority (PA) and Area Authority (AA) Level 2, in collaboration with the Operations and Surfaces Facilities (OSF) Department of Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore Southeast Sumatra ( PHE OSES).

SIKA PA and AA Level 2 training is carried out specifically for Contractor personnel, including Indonesian Surveyor workers, Jakarta Branch who will work in the PHE OSES area, both Offshore and Onshore.

At the end of this training, a test is carried out to obtain a SIKA PA or AA Level 2 Training Certificate with a validity period of 3 years.

This SIKA Training Certificate is a requirement for Inspectors and Team Leaders as a requirement for workers who will carry out an Open Permit.