Jan 11, 2022

Maintaining Business Dynamics, Surveyor Indonesia Carry Out Rotation

PT Surveyor Indonesia carries out the Handover of Jobs, Duties, and Responsibilities for Vice Presidents and General Managers. This rotation is a form of implementing talent management and talent mobility as an effort to improve company performance by placing individuals in predetermined positions hoping to generate new ideas from different perspectives and approaches. 

The following is a list of official changes are: 
David Januardi, who previously served as VP of Corporate Planning and Risk Management, was replaced by Deddi Nurmal, the position of VP of Asset Management which was originally occupied by Edwin Pantas Partunggul was replaced by Widiani, meanwhile, Edwin Pantas then served as VP of Human Capital replacing Deddi Nurmal, Ibnu Khaldun served as General Manager of the Batam Branch, exchanging positions with Wilson Manurung as General Manager of the Medan Branch. Tri Yulianto as General Manager of Makassar Branch was replaced by Helmy Satria Yudha, in the meantime, Mukti Wibowo as General Manager of the Singapore Branch was replaced by Givrey Panggabean. Jhonson Lumbantoruan was replaced by Asmara Hadi as Plt. General Manager of Banjarbaru Branch. 

The Management of Surveyor Indonesia would like to thank former officials for their dedication and services. For the newly appointed officials, we hope for steadfast progress in carrying out their duties and responsibilities for the progress of Surveyor Indonesia.