Jun 16, 2022

Implementation of Motor Vehicle Emission Test

The event was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Medan, Aulia Rachman and the Head of the Medan City Environment Service, Zulfansyah Ali Saputra.

EKUP is carried out to determine the condition of motorized vehicles through emission testing of motorized vehicle exhaust gases, both diesel and gasoline.

Sample testing was carried out on 300 units for diesel fuel and 900 units for gasoline-fueled at three locations, namely: Lapangan Benteng (Jl. Court), Taman Makam Pahlawan (Jl. SM Raja), and Tomang Elok (Jl. Gatot). Subroto).

It is hoped that the implementation of this motor vehicle emission test, can minimize air pollution and help preserve the environment in the city of Medan.