May 17, 2022

Handover of Position Duties and Responsibilities of PT Surveyor Indonesia Banjarbaru Branch

The event was held in the 4th-floor hall of Graha Surveyor Indonesia which was attended by all Directors of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

The Big Family of Indonesian Surveyors would like to thank the dedication and contribution of R. Benny Susanto in advancing the performance of the Banjarbaru Branch and congratulations on serving Dhani Eka Pratama. Success in carrying out new duties and responsibilities in advancing the Banjarbaru Branch.

PT Surveyor Indonesia Banjarbaru branch
Jl. Gen. Ahmad Yani No.31, KM 30.5
Loktabat, Banjarbaru,
South Kalimantan
Tel: +62-511 4777 333