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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Providing end-to-end solutions for the needs of the oil and gas industry.

PT Surveyor Indonesia is here to provide comprehensive solutions for the needs of the upstream to downstream oil and gas industries.

Oil and Gas Industry Activities
  • Seismic Survey and Interpretation

    Survey services for searching for oil and gas reserves below the earth's surface using seismic waves in the framework of exploring prospect areas for hydrocarbons (oil and gas).

  • Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey

    Systematic and detailed survey services for the physical structure of rocks which are the initial stage in the oil search process, and the only practical way other than drilling to determine the shape and extent of subsurface structures that may contain hydrocarbons.

  • IPM Drilling Oil and Gas and Geothermal

    Oil and gas, geothermal drilling services, and other business activities related to drilling services business activities that support the needs of exploration and exploitation drilling activities for both oil and gas and geothermal.

  • Oil and Gas and Geothermal Drilling Installation

    Equipment installation services for drilling into underground reservoirs to obtain oil, natural gas and geothermal or underground mineral deposits and can also be used to identify the geological properties of reservoirs.

  • Q&Q Liquid Cargo Survey

    Survey services for the quantity and quality of crude oil, fuel oil (product oil), and biofuels (biodiesel).

  • Q&Q Gas Cargo Survey

    Cargo quantity and quality survey services in the form of liquefied gas (LPG & LNG) and petrochemicals.

  • Q&Q Cargo/Bulk Survey

    Survey services to determine the amount/weight and quality of cargo loaded on ships or stored in onshore warehouses concerning the safety of the goods being transported, people, and also the safety of the goods on the ship.

  • Conditional Survey

    Verification survey services and testing of the physical condition of ships and their equipment.

  • Bunker Survey

    Survey services for measurement and calculation of fuel oil on ships.

  • Towing Lashing Survey

    Survey services to ensure the condition of tugboat towage and the security condition of the binding of goods on it.

  • Inspeksi On Hires & Off Hires

    Verification services and testing of the condition of the ship and its fuel before and after the charter agreement is made.