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Minerals and Coal

Minerals and Coal

Assurance, testing, and verification services for mineral and coal commodities.

PT Surveyor Indonesia provides comprehensive services in mineral and coal commodities.

Mineral and Coal Activities of PT Surveyor Indonesia.
  • Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL)

    Scientific review services to determine the significant impacts of planned activities and environmental feasibility, so that an environmental management and monitoring plan (RKL-RPL) can be prepared. The output of the preparation of the AMDAL Document is an Environmental Permit which is a requirement for subsequent permits.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management System Audit (SMK3)

    Services for measuring the success of implementing and implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) carried out by institutions/agencies or companies.

  • Due Dilligence Tambang Mineral & Batubara

    Mineral & Coal Mining Due Diligence

  • Asset Inventory

    Inventory services include recording, securing, documenting, and reporting the results of recording the ownership of an asset for control, security, and supervision.

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Consulting and Training

    Assistance services to institutions/companies in implementing an effective and efficient ISO 14001 energy management system as a form of management's commitment and concern for integrating and balancing business interests with the environment.

  • Mineral and Coal Laboratory

    Services that provide assurance of the suitability of the quality of mineral products through a testing process carried out by a reliable management system, equipped with the latest equipment, and supported by experienced experts.

  • Surveyor Indonesia Certification (SIC)

    Certification services for certain products that have passed performance tests, and quality assurance tests, and meet the qualification criteria set out in contracts, regulations, or specifications.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - Drove Survey

    Mapping services for an area using unmanned aircraft technology for the purposes of surveying, monitoring, and managing assets.

  • Stockpile Management

    Services for coal stockpile management for compliance with regulations and standards requested with the aim of managing economical stock balances, minimizing losses, maintaining coal quality, and managing accountable stock reports.

  • Labor Norm Cadre Training and Development (KNK)

    Services for coaching and training for labor norms cadres who are expected to become partners for labor inspectors as well as agents of change in companies to assist employers in implementing labor norms in order to create a productive, competitive, and prosperous workplace.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) Training

    Awareness training services, first aid, emergency response, hygiene, and safety patrol, in an effort to improve OHS performance in protecting workers from work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, and fulfilling regulatory aspects.

  • Mineral & Coal Exploration Survey

    Survey services to determine the feasibility of a mining area from various aspects, both legal, technical, marketing, socio-economic, and financial aspects as well as environmental feasibility.

  • Export Verification of Mineral & Coal Products

    Services for ensuring the correctness of quality and quantity as well as ensuring compliance with government regulations, standards and specifications set for mineral and coal mining products for overseas sales purposes.