Mar 08, 2023

Agreement with Perumda PAM Jaya

Surveyor Indonesia carried out the signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Perusahaan Umum Daerah (PERUMDA) Air Minum Jaya (PAM JAYA), and PT Air Bersih Jakarta (ABJ) as the Independent Supervision Consultant for DKI Jakarta's Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM).

The signing was carried out by the PAM Jaya Office and attended by the Commercial Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia, Saifuddin Wijaya, VP of Strategic Infrastructure Business Division, Baron Agung Wicaksono, Main Director of PAM Jaya, Arief Nasrudin, and Director of PT Air Clean Jakarta, Lafrik Bano Rangkuty.

Surveyor Indonesia as an independent consultant is supported by competent resources in their fields ready to provide the best service for customers.