Nov 18, 2022

Domestic Component Level Verification of PT Sinar Nusantara Industries

Hi #Sitizen,

The following is the Domestic Component Level Verification (TKDN) located at PT Sinar Nusantara Industries, South Kalimantan.
TKDN verification is an activity carried out by users of goods/services to match the achievement of TKDN which is declare by the goods/services provider with data taken or collected from the business activities of the goods/services provider.

The advantages you get if your business product is TKDN certified:
1. Products that have TKDN certification can be used in the government procurement process.
2. Products that have a TKDN value greater than or equal to 25% will be given a preference for a domestic product price of a maximum of 25%.
3. If the certified product has a value of TKDN + BMP = 40%, then the product must be used by the Government.
4. Products have a TKDN certificate will be listed on the P3DN website of the Ministry of Industry so that it can be a marketing tool to increase the selling value of the product.
5. Products are TKDN certified will be entered in a specific storefront for TKDN E-Catalog LKPP. With with specific storefront, your business products have a bigger opportunity to purchase by mandatory users of domestic products.

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