Mar 15, 2022

Collaboration between Indonesian Surveyors and Procurement Excellence Holds P3DN Socialization

The P3DN socialization which was carried out in a hybrid manner at the Ministry of SOEs was attended by the President Director and Director of Finance and Risk Management of Surveyor Indonesia along with several invited guests. This event aims to encourage the optimization of increasing the use of domestic products in various procurement of goods/services, especially in SOEs that are already TKDN certified and also encourage MSMEs to Advance Class by improving quality after being TKDN certified so that they have the opportunity to sell their products in the MSME PaDi application and LKPP e-catalog. .

Deputy Minister of SOE 1 of the Ministry of SOE-RI, Pahala Nugraha Mansury in his speech gave appreciation and support to the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of SOEs for optimizing the implementation of TKDN Certification in all SOE agencies and domestic industry players. "The Ministry of SOEs supports this P3DN program, especially in increasing the target for spending on domestic products and MSMEs according to Pak Jokowi's direction, worth 400T rupiah in 2022." said Pahala.

Furthermore, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Industry, Doddy Widodo, explained that the P3DN program can contribute greatly to increasing productivity and having an impact on national economic growth. "In order to achieve the 400 trillion target supported by collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of SOEs, it is necessary to carry out business matching as a comprehensive confirmation and optimization of TKDN certification." said Doddy.